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February, 2023, Issue #19

The Language of Adrenaline Addiction / Eco-Art Actions and What They Can Yield / Politicizing Dining / The Abiding Value of Art Writing

March, 2023, Issue #20

Walking the Aesthetic Precipice / With Beauty, Timing Can Be Everything / Mark Chamberlain: The Irrepressible Artivist / Amalia Mesa-Bains: Archeology of Memory

April, 2023, Issue #21

The Born Versus the Made Sociopath / Kehinde Wiley Color-Corrects Art History / First They Came for Michelangelo / Juli Carson: Art as Political Construct

May, 2023, Issue #22

Copyright or Wrong? / The High Cost of Banning Books / U.S.A. = AR-15 / Alexandre Dumas' Afro

June, 2023, Issue #23

On Remorse and Owning It / Does Age Matter? / What Art Would a Tucker Carlson Like? / Courtly Cosplay

July, 2023, Issue #24

Why DEI is "Controversial" / Disneyland with Eyes Open / What a Difference a Year Doesn’t Make / “Blacklist” to “Oppenheimer” Refresh the Lessons of McCarthyism

August, 2023, Issue #25

Original Intent Patriotism / If This is a Girl, Then What am I? / The Ballad of Bad Vlad

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