The Democracy Chain eJournal

June, 2022, Issue #12

Free Fallin' / Age of Treason / We Were the Fittest for A While / Mental Health Care: More Than a Texas Talking Point

As we complete preparation for the June edition the Supreme Court has announced two anticipated decisions, both of which are bad for the country and deeply and brazenly rooted not in law but in partisan politics. First they overturned New York’s concealed-carry gun permit law in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. The very next day, June 24th, they overturned the reproductive rights guaranteed under Roe v. Wade’s in their Dobbs v. Jackson ruling. These were not the only examples of legislating from the bench in this session, nor will they be the last.


There are other major political and cultural issues facing this nation at the same time, as our topics of discussion in this issue suggest — starting with the January 6th Committee hearings. But we have recently written on the topics of abortion and firearms in the context of the decisions now made public. You can review those commentaries right here at the TDC website. We specifically recommend: “The Supreme Court’s Unleashing of Demons” and “No Surprise but Still Shocking.” The applicability of both to the present moment may be even clearer now than months ago when they were written — precisely because they were written in anticipation of what has now happened.