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925 Silver Collection

The Shoes that Signal the Plan By DeWitt Cheng


$399 Never-Surrender High-Top Sneakers Launched in Philadelphia to Raucous Jeers of “Let’s Go, Biden!” More shoes thrown than at any other president — including Dubya, who had to duck only two shoes thrown by incensed Iraqi Muslim journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi in protest of the post-Iraq War occupation. He served nine months in prison.

Boot Stamping / Project 2025 Loves You. Absurdist take on Orwell’s famous warning about totalitarianism. It can't happen here, of course.


The Greatest Ever/Wheaties.

Save 399 boxtops and get a free pair of Trump luxury sneakers! (Mogul is 45’s Secret Service code name.)


MAGA Quid Pro Quo.

Fear God and Obey MAGA. The recent Trumpist videos by evangelicals — “Foot Washing” and “God Created Trump” — demanded some pushback, as did Lindsey Graham’s continued pathetic subservience (including the discreet silence of this former anti-communist on the murder of Alexei Navalny).


Make America Adult Again/Navalny RIP.

Navalny versus the useful corporate buffoon Tucker Carlson: nolo contendere.


Oyez Oyez Oyez! SCOTUS bends the knee to the Unitary Executive! Let’s stop fighting and cooperate!


Anybody But Sleepy Joe! Greater > Lesser Evil. No undo of 2020, please. Any Biden voters wish for a 2024 Mulligan? Well, then, stop fretting per MAGA/Putin messaging and vote blue up and down the ballot. Stop with the bluer than thou pontificating.

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