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Ladies’ Man By DeWitt Cheng

No More Shaming Rape or MAGA Victims! Katie Britt’s “My Fellow Moms” speech and Nancy Mace’s “You’re shaming me!” victim tantrum once again prove that we cannot consider the radical right as reasonable people or good actors (in either sense of the term). The left must give up any pretense that this is a normal election year. In 2024 the Democratic Party has no room for milquetoasts — as the Biden campaign seems to have realized.

Real-life Activist Heroine: Which Side Are You On, Ex-Trumpers?According to some reports, disaffected ex-Trumpians dismayed by January 6 may still relapse in November: shocking! I had to contrast the Mexican woman Karla Jacinto Romero, who survived horrendous sexual abuse in girlhood starting at age 12 in 2004 with grace and dignity (and now political abuse mainlined straight out of Alabama), with the clownish, pseudo-adult Republican Congresswomen Britt and Mace, who so disgustingly attempted to lure suburban women back into both the party’s kitchen ghetto and its outrage olympics, in that order. 

The Thespians: Southern Belles, Drama Queens: Another cri de coeur protesting the absurd theatrics of the Trump campaign’s stratagems crafted to trick suburban white women, again — this time with fake feminist rage and concern. These paraphrased quotes from Trump, Mace, and Britt are now buried deep into my memory/imagination. Maybe yours as well?

ROOTS: Trump Goes Natural: AI-generated photos of Trump hanging out with black women only too thrilled to mug with the brother — well now, that’s the very definition of Crazytown! Remember that Blacks for Trump was a false-flag Republican operation despite the identical (screen-printed) faux-hand-lettered signs waved by its paid demonstrators.

Trust Dr. Feelgood: You’re in Good Hands. Trump’s not so veiled threat of a bloodbath takes on an obstetrical dimension here. After the Dobbs decision, Women for Trump, you're still going back to that misogynist … really … REALLY? As for the auto industry reference that is the fallback spin of his apologists, his idea to charge the Chinese a 100% tariff on auto imports, now there would be an economic bloodbath.

Lady Trump Suicides: Jailbird in OrangeAn AI illustration of Trump in his orange prison jumpsuit called for additional touches: a collection of Hitler speeches, My New Order, which Trump had on his bedroom nightstand according to first wife Ivana, but has denied reading or owning; the infamous $399 golden sneakers; and, hanging from above, the women’s sneakers, which I imagine as the footwear of a despondent, stir-crazy Melania and aspiring vice-president Kristi Noem. Some strange fruit there. Perhaps the video cameras went down, as in the Epstein case.

TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome: Trump merchandise has swelled in recent days, with tough-talking PTSD-acronym themed T-shirts and caps that will not fail to make woke libs cry and MAGA nitwits erupt in raucous laughter. Here’s a suggestion: a line of Trump mifepristone tablets. That might just cover the cost of his court costs all by itself. TDS, an accusation leveled at any and all critics by those who have contracted the famous Trump Brainwashing Virus, is more apt as a description of the cult’s psychology, or, indeed, The Donald’s. “Bing bing bing” and “One day, it's like a miracle, it will disappear” — you may recall these verbatim quotes from the Very Good Brain. What a salesman. What a ladies’ man.

DeWitt Cheng is an art writer/critic based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has written for more than twenty years for regional and national publications, in print and online, He has written dozens of catalogue essays for artists, galleries and museums, and is the author of “Inside Out: The Paintings of William Harsh.” In addition, he served as the curator at Stanford Art Spaces from 2013 to 2016, and later Peninsula Museum of Art, from 2017 to 2020.
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